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Opening to the Inner Child

“The spring is there, and the fresh water is still running there – but rocks have been put around you. You have been blocked. Once those rocks have been taken away again you will become a child. It will be a rebirth. Again, you will start flowing. Again, your eyes will have luster and your face will have joy. Again, you will become luminous.” Osho

Some of the natural qualities of a child are innocence, playfulness and joy and a sense of wonder about the mystery of life. Rather than supporting these qualities, parents and society force their own values onto the child’s vulnerable mind and vital, spontaneous impulses are slowly repressed.

This is a healing process to uncover the layers of emotional hurt, allowing them to be felt, expressed, and dissolved in a loving atmosphere. The result is a space of meditative awareness in which the natural child, with all its aliveness, can re-emerge.

“Meditation simply means learning to forget all that you have learned. It is a process of deconditioning, a process of dehypnosis.” Osho