Primal Deconditioning Session

The focus of this session is to uncover the negative self-images we created early in life, to release them, and to reconnect with our unique being – with its qualities of freshness and aliveness.

Our conditioning and the beliefs we have about ourselves have their roots in early childhood, and the times when we chose to abandon ourselves – to become hypocrites, are still stored in the body-mind memory system. In taking responsibility for these choices and recognizing that we made them from a state of dis-empowerment in order to survive, we begin to forgive and to accept ourselves without reservation. We reconnect with our true nature and find the gentle strength, the joy, the clear-eyed innocence that comes with being at one with ourselves and existence.

To support this process, we will use techniques like breath, bodywork, intuitive dialogue, gestalt, and guided fantasy.

It is possible to book a single session, although a series of sessions is recommended.


“So, the first, the most important thing, is the innocence of the sage. It is like the innocence of the children – but only like. The innocence of children is bound to be corrupted, but the innocence of the sage cannot be corrupted anymore – he has passed through that phase. His innocence has maturity, his innocence has integrity; his innocence is earned – he deserves it. Osho