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Opening to Intimacy


“Everybody is afraid of intimacy. The problem becomes more complicated because everybody wants intimacy. Everybody wants intimacy because otherwise you are alone in this universe — without a friend, without a lover, without anybody you can trust.”


Our fear of intimacy comes from the fear of being unacceptable as we are. Using gentle non-cathartic methods, we will allow ourselves to experience some of these fears at a conscious level.

We will also look at how the judgments we make of ourselves hinder our ability to be open and loving. As we become more loving and accepting of ourselves, the doors open to intimacy with others.

The work consists of interactive exercises in pairs, introspection, and group sharing. We begin to see how we all have similar fears around intimacy. This allows us to become more playful and light-hearted in our connections with others. To move from the seriousness of the ego to the childlike innocence of the heart.


“Once you have accepted yourself as you are, the fear of intimacy will disappear.”



“Only a man of meditation can allow intimacy to happen.”


Opening to Self-Love

If you totally accepted yourself just as you are, without changing anything, would you have any problems?

“In self-love you will start becoming more and more relaxed. A person who loves himself is totally relaxed.” Osho

Opening to Self-Love helps us confront the beliefs and fears that stop us from being loving and compassionate to ourselves and to others.
When we focus awareness on the mechanisms of self-rejection, they start to fade away. This allows us to open to our unique beauty, to rediscover our essential value; to open up to positive, loving relationships with others.

The Opening to Self-Love process is based on individual, paired and group exercises, designed to bring our inner critics into the light of awareness. Our approach is light-hearted and loving so that the energy tied up in negativity can be gently released into creativity.
Group sharing allows us to see that we all have similar beliefs that get in the way of our self-acceptance and to see that we are all sensitive, human, and worthy of love.

When we open up to loving ourselves we find that our meditation deepens and happens more easily.

“The more you love yourself, the less you will find of the self in you, and then it becomes a great meditation, a great leap into God.” Osho