Primal Deconditioning Session

The focus of this session is to uncover the negative self-images we created early in life, to release them, and to reconnect with our unique being – with its qualities of freshness and aliveness.

Our conditioning and the beliefs we have about ourselves have their roots in early childhood, and the times when we chose to abandon ourselves – to become hypocrites, are still stored in the body-mind memory system. In taking responsibility for these choices and recognizing that we made them from a state of dis-empowerment in order to survive, we begin to forgive and to accept ourselves without reservation. We reconnect with our true nature and find the gentle strength, the joy, the clear-eyed innocence that comes with being at one with ourselves and existence.

To support this process, we will use techniques like breath, bodywork, intuitive dialogue, gestalt, and guided fantasy.

It is possible to book a single session, although a series of sessions is recommended.


“So, the first, the most important thing, is the innocence of the sage. It is like the innocence of the children – but only like. The innocence of children is bound to be corrupted, but the innocence of the sage cannot be corrupted anymore – he has passed through that phase. His innocence has maturity, his innocence has integrity; his innocence is earned – he deserves it. Osho


Conscious Relating Session

When we abandon our true selves in order to keep the affections of the other, we do so in the expectation of getting something in return. This is a recipe for misunderstanding and resentment.

“Immature people falling in love destroy each other’s freedom, create a bondage, make a prison. Mature persons in love help each other to be free, they help each other to destroy all sorts of bondages. And when love flows with freedom there is beauty.” Osho


From childhood our self-responsibility is usurped and replaced with a sense of responsibility for others and their feelings, and we lose connection with our spontaneous natural being. Our love relationships in later life reflect this, becoming a set of mutual compromises that feed our illusions of security and permanence. This kind of relationship may appear to work well in terms of success in the world, but once the honeymoon is over, the question arises for many “Is this all there is?”

A really alive relating, based on an overflow of being-love is an ongoing expansion of awareness and freedom. Unless we are growing in this way our love will stagnate and become a prison.

By deeply accepting ourselves and the other as we are, we transform the irritations and petty grievances of life into opportunities for growth. We become aware of our own blind spots – the places where we have yet to shine light on our unconscious habits and expectations.

In an atmosphere of trust and acceptance this session will support you to move to a state of presence in the here and now. You will experience the confidence and self-trust this brings and discover ways of communicating that enhance growth and freedom in your relating.

“Love happens only when you are mature. You become capable of loving only when you are a grown-up. When you know that love is not a need but an overflow – being-love or gift-love – then you give without any conditions.” Osho

This session is open to individuals and couples.


Coaching Session

When a life issue arises, we may find ourselves retreating from it, pretending it is not there and burying our head in the sand; or we may find ourselves desperately trying to solve it, but getting more and more entangled because we can’t see clearly what is going on. The wonderful truth is that life issues exist only because of this lack of clarity and the solution is much simpler than we think.

As Osho explains:

“This is the most important thing to understand about life-problems: they are created by your unclarity of vision. So, it is not that first you see them clearly, then you find the solution, and then you try to apply the solution. No, the process is not that long; the process is very simple and short. The moment you can see your life-problem clearly, it dissolves. It is not that you have now found an answer that you will apply, and someday you will succeed in destroying the problem. The problem existed in your unclarity of vision. You were its creator.”


The purpose of the session is to support you while you feel your way around the identifications and obsessions that cloud your vision, feel them, see them clearly, and allow them to dissolve in the light of awareness. This is a skill that you can carry with you and use whenever your life feels complicated and confusing.

To find the space of clarity and learn how to return to it until it becomes your unshakeable reality is the spiritual journey.

“Use the clarity to look into problems and try not to change things; just try to accept them. Go on creating more and more clarity – and that is the only change that there is, that is the only mutation. Go on moving higher and higher on the wave of clarity and awareness. As you go higher a different world comes to your vision. The world remains the same, but your clear eyes now give you a different picture, and by and by everything falls in line. One day one realizes that everything is as it should be.” Osho


Counseling Session

The nature of the issues you are facing might vary and can include loneliness, depression, anxiety, the need to manage harmful behavior and related emotions, addictions, challenges to cope with traumatic experiences or as simple as to have for once someone to share with and listened.

Rather than receiving advice, the purpose of Counseling is to support, encourage, and empower you to reconnect with your own clarity and sense of direction.

You are better equipped to feel what is in the way and what you need to move to shed new light on issues that are presenting themselves in your life, while you are held in, and being surrounded by a private, neutral, environment.

“There is no tomorrow. If there is a tomorrow, you cannot stop worrying about it. Tomorrow never comes, it is a process of worrying. Nor is there any yesterday. One is no more; one is not yet. All that is in our hands is the present moment, now, here. And this is a miraculous experience. If there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, and this very moment you are silent, all worrying disappears. All imagining, dreaming, projecting disappears.” Osho

Learning to encounter your issues in present time, Here and Now, already this very action in this meditative awareness allows you to relax and create a distance between you and the issues. In its turn, this disidentification with the issues deepens your ability to stay more present.

“A belief simply means you don’t know, still you believe. My effort here is that you never believe unless you know. When you know there is no questions of believing; you know it…,


“And it is not that you have to enjoy this moment. That rejoicing arises out of this moment. But you are never here, you are always somewhere else. You are never in the now, you are always then. Otherwise, everything is available, but you are absent.” Osho

For Individuals and Couples.