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Bela Dubbelman

"You are already standing at the door of existence, and if you stand with your back to it, it is entirely your own doing.

The door has not rejected you.

If you are keeping your eyes closed and you cannot see the door, then you are the cause.

Otherwise the door is always open, and the invitation is always there for you.

“Welcome” is always written there. "



Bela Dubbelman

Hello Dear, my name is Bela and it's really nice to meet you here!

Since I did my own primal process in the nineties, I knew that I wanted to become a primal therapist.

The DOOR had opened and there was no way back.

I’ve been deeply moved and touched by sharing this work which to date remains my biggest passion.

Finding your own truth
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Opening to Intimacy

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The importance of acknowledging and understanding the realm of your Inner Child

The term “Inner Child” is a metaphor that is referred to and used to bring us in contact with our most sensitive and vulnerable part inside us. It also safe keeps our essence, the intrinsic qualities that we brought with us into this world at birth. It defines us as the unique (human) being we are. It is the doorway into our Being.

"Many of you still have a little of it left because you were once children; you were all warriors; you were all dreamers of the unknown.

That childhood is hidden but it cannot be destroyed; it is there, it still has its own corner in your being.

Allow it to function; be childlike and you will be warriors again."


Coming Back to the Same Childlike Innocence heart


Prem Geetesha

“My Primal was not easy, but I’ve learnt so much. I’ve learnt being clear, simple and straight, honest and real, I found the ability of my heart to listen and hear, to see and admit my truth… Primal is deeply established in my real everyday life.”

Prem Leela

“Primal helped me to start claiming my life back. It has brought so much understanding into my life and with that a lot of softness and self-love too….”

Diana Hamwi

“The experience in Primal has been truly eye-opening and mind blowing. I have looked my behavioral patterns in the eye. Certain revelations have bothered me, and some have given me such a relief. I was given methods and practices on how to take care of my inner child, which is absolutely essential to live a harmonious life.”

Moustafa Hamwi

“In all my years of seeking to know who I really am nothing even comes close to the depth I got from going through Primal”


“My primal process is one of the most important experience in my life, it allows me to let my light shine and in the darkest moments to stay with myself and not to run away.”

Radha Ionescu

“It’s a little bit of a miracle, because I thought I lost her, I dug deeper and here she is!”


“Primal changed my life. It was the entry point to discovering my essence and finding myself, free from my conditionings and my story”.

Robert Zollitsch

“Playing with stones, unconditionally playing, I can do it again – no good stone, no bad stone, no judgement, no expectation, just joy and happiness – what a change in my life! I am keeping a stone in my pocket to remind me: freedom is to let go and be present”

Do you live your life to the fullest?

Or do you experience lack of colors and abundance…

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"When you live in the pure present you are truth.

It is not something outside you, it is the very ground of your being.

And that’s what meditation is all about: to be here and now."


"Truth is the greatest offender."
Beyond Psychology - Osho