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  • Primal Rebirth® Therapist
  • AFH – The OSHO Freedom Process Therapist
  • OSHO Therapist Training – Light on the Path
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    – Family Constellation Training
    – Breath Energy Training
    – Hypnosis for Meditation Training
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  • Various Primal and Sexual Deconditioning courses
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  • Born to be a Buddha Breath Training
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  • OSHO Born Again
  • OSHO No-Mind
  • OSHO Mystic Rose
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The way of love is the way of no-expectation. Love exist only when there is a total acceptance and no desire to change  anything...,

Bela Dubbelman

What I can share about myself…,

My unwavering passion for primal therapy and other related early childhood deconditioning work has kept me inspired to share my expertise and experience in this field with people from various cultures and backgrounds since 1996.

Following my heart, I am affiliated to the OSHO International Meditation Resort, I also travel all over the world to share my work, at the same time fulfilling my never-ending curiosity to understand how conditioning colors human behavior.

In walking my own talk, consequently, my professional and skilled approach is grounded in my own growth process and meditation. The courses and sessions I facilitate are known to have a depth and clarity where people can feel free to be seen in who they truly are.

The focus of my work is to support the essence of the person in a safe and accepting environment instead of being issue-minded; a holistic approach where your daily life will be more connected with your potential and intuition; supporting the trust that only you know the answers to your questions.

A deepening of your meditation, from dependency to freedom, living your truth…

What I love sharing with you...,

Because it worked for me!!


Primal Deconditioning ~ Conscious Relating ~ Coaching ~ Counseling


Opening to the Inner Child ~ Opening to Intimacy ~ Opening to Self-Love ~ Primal Mirror ~ Primal Deconditioning Intensive ~ The Rebel ~ AFH - The OSHO Freedom Process ~ Primal Deconditioning Intensive & Facilitating Training


OSHO Active Meditations: Dynamic ~ Kundalini ~ Nadabrahma ~ Vipassana ~ Nataraj ~ Devavani ~ Gourishankar ~ Mandala ~ Whirling ~ Chakra Breathing ~ Chakra Sounds ~ No-Dimensions ~ Mahamudra ~ Prayer ~ Heart ~ Laughter ~ Golden Light

“Life is a continuous encounter, a continuous growth process.

And groups are nothing but intense moments in the same process, more focused, so that things can be brought within a limited compass, seen more clearly.

Ordinary life is like a lamp — the light is diffuse.

A group is like a torch. The same light but focused so it pinpoints something.”


Wood Filings

There is the process, there is a group, there is Bela and there is yourself… The TOP ingredients for a life changing recipe/experience. I can’t describe it. Honestly. And I have done 4 key processes with Bela. There is clearly a before and after. Such an eye opening, a heart opening. I am enjoying so much this stimulating journey. Bela and what she offers as approach is unique so how do you want me to make a testimonial … Trust the process but most importantly for me: trust Bela! I am cherishing so much all my moments and the friends I have met during those key retreats. So don’t wait: jump!


Senior Communications Manager