Why Primal Therapy?

If you recognize one or more of the following topics;
*I cannot seem to find my purpose in life, I am stuck
*I seem to only work, or cannot keep or find a job
*I try so hard but it never works out, or it is there for me
*I spend my time worrying and comparing myself
*I feel that something must be wrong with me
*I do not feel good enough as a man or woman
*I feel ashamed about my appearance etc.
*I cannot find or keep a good relationship
*I attract abuse in my life
*I have difficulties trusting people, I live isolated
*I am clean now but I am challenged with addictions
*I have difficulties making decisions for myself
*I feel many times overwhelmed
*I carry anger, hatred, sadness, depression or fear
*I experience the world as a unsafe place
*I don’t deserve it, I am not worth it

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In a 1:1 Skype or Zoom session together we look deeper into the cause and roots of these negative beliefs, also referred to as conditioning. During the session we will get a clear understanding whether a primal course is your next step or that you will support yourself more lovingly by making a step in between and participate in one of the preparation courses like Opening to the Inner Child, Opening to Intimacy, Opening to Self-Love, or Primal Mirror first.
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taking responsibility
Committing to oneself
The result of your primal work is strongly influenced by your capacity to take responsibility for your own life in this present moment. Whether this is by getting to know your wounded inner child on a deeper level first, or by taking responsibility for your wounded-ness as a grown-up and adjusting your life accordingly.
taking responsibility
Transformation happens
When meditation becomes a part of your daily life!
This work is the most rewarding investment and gift you can give to yourself. Its potential can result in turning your life 180 degrees, making your wildest dreams come true. By questioning your basic beliefs about yourself, others, and the world surrounding you, your own truth will unfold and surface out of this inner inquiry. Different from regular therapy this work is based on meditation at the core of each method. It is this capacity of being the Watcher which in the end will support you to respond instead of reacting from your wounded layers of your past when you get triggered in your day-to-day life.
Transformation happens

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