When a life issue arises, we may find ourselves retreating from it, pretending it is not there and burying our head in the sand; or we may find ourselves desperately trying to solve it, but getting more and more entangled because we can’t see clearly what is going on. The wonderful truth is that life issues exist only because of this lack of clarity and the solution is much simpler than we think.

As Osho explains:

“This is the most important thing to understand about life-problems: they are created by your unclarity of vision. So, it is not that first you see them clearly, then you find the solution, and then you try to apply the solution. No, the process is not that long; the process is very simple and short. The moment you can see your life-problem clearly, it dissolves. It is not that you have now found an answer that you will apply, and someday you will succeed in destroying the problem. The problem existed in your unclarity of vision. You were its creator.”


The purpose of the session is to support you while you feel your way around the identifications and obsessions that cloud your vision, feel them, see them clearly, and allow them to dissolve in the light of awareness. This is a skill that you can carry with you and use whenever your life feels complicated and confusing.

To find the space of clarity and learn how to return to it until it becomes your unshakeable reality is the spiritual journey.

“Use the clarity to look into problems and try not to change things; just try to accept them. Go on creating more and more clarity – and that is the only change that there is, that is the only mutation. Go on moving higher and higher on the wave of clarity and awareness. As you go higher a different world comes to your vision. The world remains the same, but your clear eyes now give you a different picture, and by and by everything falls in line. One day one realizes that everything is as it should be.” Osho


Date and Timing

Available dates and timings will be communicated with you via email once you book a session HERE You can mention your date and time preference under “comments”.

After this, I will send you PayPal, Wise, and Bank information together with your session appointment confirmation email.

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Duration Price Kindly Include
Paypal Feewhich is approximate € 5,- extra
Kindly Include
Bank Feerefer to your bank's abroad payment costs policy
60 minutes Euro 85,- Each session will be gifted with a tree planted via Tree-Nation
90 minutes Euro 95,- Each session will be gifted with a tree planted via Tree-Nation
120 minutes - Couple Session Euro 130,- Each session will be gifted with a tree planted via Tree-Nation

Affiliated with: CAT – Collective Alternative Therapists

Complaint and disciplinary law

I am registered as a CAT (Collective Alternative Therapists) therapist under Wkkgz-right of complaint and disciplinary law in the dispute resolution body GAT (Disputes Alternative Therapists). GAT is a national recognized and fully independent Wkkgz disputes Committee in the Netherlands, however for complaints from abroad there is until further notice no complaint procedure.

New European privacy law
The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) applies as of 25 May 2018. This is a new European privacy law. As a result, privacy is the same in all countries of the EU. Now the member states still have their own national laws.

The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) thus replaces the old Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp), which prescribes that healthcare providers properly secure medical records. For example, they must ensure that only authorized persons have access to a patient’s file.
The AVG lists a number of mandatory measures that a therapist has to meet because they record data in client-files.

To support a good treatment, it is necessary that I, as your therapist, make notes and keep them in a encrypted digital file. This is also a statutory duty imposed by the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (W

Storage period
These details in the client file, as required by the law on the treatment agreement (WGBO), are retained for 15 years.

Patients’ rights
The rights of patients with their medical records are secured partly in the WGBO, and partly in the Wbp. Patients have the right to view their medical records and to request correction, addition or destruction of their files.

What exactly is saved
Your file contains notes about your personal details, health status and short notes of the date and course of the treatments performed. For courses this consists of the questionnaire and any additional questions.

In the file, data are also included, if necessary, that are necessary for your treatment and that I have requested, after your explicit consent, from a care provider, e.g. from your (other) therapist or general practitioner.

Who sees what
As your attending therapist, I have sole access to the data in your file. I have a legal duty of confidentiality (professional secrecy).

When a course is organized abroad, and translation is necessary, the organizer and translator have access to the data and they work under a signed mutual duty of confidentiality.

The data from your file can also be used for the following purposes:
1.    To inform other health care providers, for example if the therapy has been completed or with a referral to another therapist. This only happens with your explicit permission.
2.    For the anonymized use during peer review.
3.    A limited part of the data from your file can be used for the financial administration, so that I can draw up an invoice.
4.    The invoice is, if necessary, consulted with my tax advisor for making the annual tax return and any tax inspection.
If I want to use your data for another reason, I will first inform you and ask your permission explicitly.