“When the child is born there is a great shock to the whole system. That shock is the primal. One has to go backwards to relive that shock. Once that shock is relived you are freed from all crying. Then instead of crying, laughter starts arising in your heart, and real laughter arises only then.

Only a primal process can bring a person to real laughter, otherwise people go on laughing but the laughter is not true. It is just manipulated, managed; it is fake, it is pseudo. It is just on the mask — not on their real face. Just the mask goes on smiling; it does not come from the heart. It is just created in the throat. It is shallow. Only after a primal experience does one start laughing. Then the laughter comes from the very soles of your feet. It spreads all over your body. It is mad! It is authentic, it is existential, it is great ecstasy!” Osho

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