The importance of acknowledging and understanding the realm of your Inner Child.

The term “Inner Child” is a metaphor that is referred to and used to bring us in contact with our most sensitive and vulnerable part inside us. It also safe keeps our essence, the intrinsic qualities that we brought with us into this world at birth. It defines us as the unique (human) being we are. It is the doorway into our Being.

“Being” defines the deepest intimate place inside us, where in aloneness we feel and experience love, wholeness, and a sense of belonging, regardless of our outer circumstances. It connects us with and brings us closer to that which always surrounds us, the existence, where we come from, which we consist of, and will return to. The physical location of the “Being” is more or less 2 inches below the navel inside the body.

As Being has no form or shape, it is easier (at the beginning) to connect with our Inner Child, because we have a felt and sensed memory of who we were in the past. We experience our Inner Child as a material manifestation, closest and in contact with our Being qualities, our essence. Yet, awareness about our essence as a child is lacking in us.

The journey we call LIFE is the playground for us to become aware of our essence, our Being. The invitation is to become childlike again but this time with awareness. The Inner Child is to be re-discovered through primal therapy; the awareness is reached through meditation.

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  1. Anand Helen 06/12/2020 at 21:01

    Thank you Bela this article really touched something in me deeply today.


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