“It is not you who is asking the questions; it is the mind, your enemy, who is putting the questions through you. It is the mind who is saying, “Osho, you continuously tell us to “be aware,” to “be a witness.” But can a witnessing consciousness really sing, dance and taste life?” Yes – in fact only a witnessing consciousness can really sing, dance and taste life. It will appear like a paradox. It is. But all that is true is always paradoxical, remember. If truth is not paradoxical then it is not truth at all, then it is something else.

“Paradox is a basic, intrinsic quality of truth – let it sink into your heart forever. Truth as such is paradoxical. Although all paradoxes are not truths, all truths are paradoxes. The truth has to be a paradox because it has to be both the poles – the negative and the positive – and yet a transcendence. It has to be life and death, and plus. By “plus” I mean the transcendence of both – both and both not. That is the ultimate paradox.

“When you are in the mind, how can you sing? The mind creates misery; out of misery there can be no song. When you are in the mind, how can you dance? Yes, you can go through certain empty gestures called dance, but it is not a real dance.

“The real dance happens only when you have become a witness. Then you are so blissful that the very bliss starts overflowing – that is the dance. The very bliss starts singing; a song arises on its own accord. And only when you are a witness can you taste life.” Osho

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